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Living Waters Clothing-optional Spa

13340 Mountain View Rd.

Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240

760-329-9988 (8am-8pm PST)

Clothing Optional... what it's all about

Our facility is completely private and "European style" clothing-optional. You are encouraged to soak in our healing mineral waters au naturel and enjoy this total immersion in nature. For generations Europeans have visited the "spas" and have sunbathed nude. We Americans are now realizing how relaxing this "nude recreation" can be.  Swimsuit optional vacations are now becoming common for us and we are discovering what our European friends have known all along -- such simple nudity is total freedom. We've designed our place to give "first timers" the best clothes free experience possible. At Living Waters Clothing-optional Spa we provide you the coolest vacation souvenir of all: no tan-lines!

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do you mean by "European Style Clothing Optional?"

For years Europeans have had a more self-accepting view of the body than Americans.  They understand that simple nudity is just that - simple nudity.  Consequently they are not ashamed of going "au naturel" when at the spa.  We have found once people try it they discover a new found joy.  To float, swim, soak or sunbathe without any restrictions is a luxurious and free feeling.  At Living Waters Spa you are welcome to enjoy our entire facility sans-clothing -- most do -- but it is up to you.  There is no pressure...after all, you are on vacation or as they say in Europe: "holiday!"


We are interested in trying "clothing optional" but we are worried about other people finding out and not understanding.  Will our privacy be guarded?

Your privacy is YOUR privacy.  We do not give out any personal information about our guests.  While you stay with us you'll be with those who, like you, are concerned with privacy.  So, rest assured that your visit will be kept confidential.  We understand the difficulty that people might have in trying to grasp the purity of simple nudity and European style sunbathing.  


We are not exactly in "perfect shape."  Will we be embarrassed by this?

One of the benefits of this simple social nudity is that you realize that others are just like you.  We've been brainwashed by our media that a body is only beautiful if it looks like a supermodel.  You'll discover that: every body IS beautiful -- even yours!  We all have the "scars of life."  Also, tattoos, body piercings, and body hair or lack thereof isn't an issue.  Hey, it's you!


What type of people visit Living Waters Clothing-optional Spa?

We have people that come from all walks of life.  Our guests represent every profession (from Professors to Pastors!) and background.  The one common link all have is the desire to relax, de-stress, and rejuvenate in the safe context that we offer at Living Waters Clothing-optional Spa


What are the ages of people who visit Living Waters Spa?

We have people of all ages: 20s to 80s!  The median age would probably be between 35-65.  Once here, guests who were concerned with age realize that their concerns about age were unfounded.  Again we are so brainwashed by society to view age differentials with disdain.  Each week as guests mingle there is a community that forms regardless of age.  It is a wonderful experience.  Plus, without clothes, age is often very hard to determine!


What about personal hygiene etiquette in a clothing optional setting?

When being naked at our spa we request that our guests always sit on a towel (either in their room or outside).  If it is "that" time of the month our female guests simply wear bottoms.  Men seem to worry about arousal but it typically doesn't happen.  If it were, simply go into the pools or lay face down on a towel until things subside. 


What type of behavior goes on at Living Waters Clothing-optional Spa?

Nothing but pure relaxation.  We encourage our guests to relax and unwind.  We do not allow drunk, obnoxious or overt sexual behavior nor are we a "swinger" or "lifestyles" hotel.  The Living Waters Clothing-optional Spa experience isn't about those things.  We ask our guests to report to us any behavior that is questionable or that makes them feel uncomfortable.  We vigorously protect the safety of our guests and violators will be asked to leave -- no kidding.  It should be obvious that we are a Spa and not "party central."  This is why our guests come back: to relax, enjoy a change of pace, have one of our amazing massages, and socialize with others.  We have a 70% repeat rate!  


Do you allow singles at Living Waters Clothing-optional Spa?

Yes, as a true spa we allow singles. We like to say "all good people" are welcome!  Our single men and women come for the solitude of the spa and we protect our safe environment for all our guests.  There are some that claim it is safer with a "couples only" approach.  Not in our experience.  Also we never allow the gender balance to get out of hand.  If you are coming as a single male, we do require you to be nude at the spa.  This is to protect our females from non-participating voyeurs.  To any that might object to this we say, "Why then are you coming to Living Waters Clothing-optional Spa if you are not going to participate in our European-style approach when there are other spas you can visit?"


How is Living Waters Spa different from other clothing optional or nudist places?

Firstly, we are the only clothing optional facility in Southern California that has a constant flow of mineral water pools through in its pools.  Secondly, we are a "spa" and so our business focus is that of pure relaxation in a quiet and tranquil setting.  Our massage is the best!  And lastly, there are a few "nude" places that tolerate public sex or sex in the hot tub.  We are NOT that kind place.  We work hard at helping Americans realize that nude does not mean lewd.  So if you've been thinking of having a clothing optional experience in a safe setting, Living Waters Clothing-optional Spa is for you!


What is your membership fee?

We do not have a membership fee.  Many hotels which require membership are swinger oriented and must have a private club to avoid legal issues and swinger places often masquerade as "clothing optional."  Living Waters Clothing-optional Spa is a true European-style clothing optional hotel given national and international acclaim.  Also, our press and media page will provide you with the sources for our recognition.  Beware of any spa, hotel, motel or resort who make claims that are not verifiable.


OK I think I understand the concept of clothing optional but WHY would anyone want to be nude around others?

First, you don't have to be nude -- it is optional!  Second, there are significant personal discoveries made during a clothing optional experience.  These vary from person to person and can include:

§   Deepening of Relationships.  A frequent result of a clothing optional experience is that of a deepening relationship with your loved one.  Simply trying a new experience together often creates a breakthrough and growth in the relationship -- especially when one or the other has been reluctant.  We've also noticed that the reluctant one then becomes the one who can't wait to repeat the Living Waters Spa experience!

§   Body / Self Acceptance.  Our culture has been brain washed by the Madison Avenue fashion experts who tell us in picture and words what a “perfect” body is like.  How many times have you looked in the mirror and thought disparagingly about your body?  Not enough muscle, undefined abs, too little breast, wide hips, or not enough hair, and so it goes.  This experience puts you in touch with your body and you see that others are “just like you.”  Plus, you realize that the “super models” in life are really not that pretty nude and the magazine “centerfolds” are definitely airbrushed.  Bottom line: you realize it doesn’t matter what you look like.

§   Body Demystification.  We all have a natural curiosity about the body.  In the safe environment of Living Waters Clothing-optional Spa the body is allowed to be seen and thus demystified.  You see what the clothes are covering.  The healthy discovery is made that bodies are similar and at the same time different.  People are just like you.

§   People Acceptance.  Once people are naked equality takes over.  You no longer judge or assess the value of a person by what they wear. 

§   Creation Awareness.  When we go through life we seldom take “time to smell the roses.”  Being in a social nude environment (especially for the first time) causes us to become in touch with the surroundings.  People never forget the first time they feel the air and sun on their entire body.  The sensation of “being alive” is heightened and the awareness of the world around is enhanced.  

§   Communication Expansion.  There is something about being in a social setting with other naked people.  It might be around the pool, in the hot tub, or even under the sunny sky.  But regardless of the context, discussions happen – about all topics too!  They occur more frequently and with far more ease than in a clothed environment.  You may or may not like to talk to others, but a common exclamation made by those who visit Living Waters Spa is how friendly the others are.

Now here is a question for you:

When was the last time you did something for the 'first' time?  

You are invited to come and have a Living Waters Clothing-optional Spa experience!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about having a clothing optional experience.  We love to educate and inform!

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