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Living Waters Clothing-optional Spa

13340 Mountain View Rd.

Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240

760-329-9988 (8am-8pm PST)

Face it. Itís our water.
Thereís nothing like it - ANYWHERE!

Mineral water has been sought out by health enthusiasts the world over.  Europeans have gone to the springs and hot baths since ancient days.  Traditionally these waters have been used to treat many physical ailments.  The mineral water found at Living Waters is odorless and pure and there is nothing like it ANYWHERE.  It can be likened to Evian or other pure mineral water.  Imagine, being immersed in such pure natural water  -- it is silky smooth!  Be sure to not confuse our mineral water with smelly sulfur springs.

Our pools are not like other typical commercial swimming pools.  Typical pools have no option but to have constant chlorine in their water. Some places have tried to make it better for their guests by installing a "salt" system (where salt in the water is converted to chorine via electricity).  And while this is much better than traditional sanitation methods, the water is STILL re-circulated over and over again and becomes full of un-dissolved solids which make the water stale and often cloudy.  (Hint: you know the water is stale when you see foamy bubbles when the "jets" are turned on in the spa.)


At Living Waters Clothing-optional Spa we pump from our own mineral spring well and this pure water flows through our pools - like a little river - at the rate of 15-20 gallons a minute. Every morning we sanitize our filtration system with chlorine in order to ensure that our water is safe with no unwanted "biology" happening in the water. Since we "flow" our water through our pools the fresh water flushes out the chlorine in several hours. Consequently, except for the morning sanitization (which is required by law and common sense), our pools do not have a constant presence of chlorine like typical hotel pools.  Pure mineral water comes into our pools from the earth and then flows out of our pools back to the earth all throughout the day and night.  Talk about recycling!  Our pools never have cloudy or stale water because it is always pure and fresh from the earth.


There are many "spas" but very few offer their guests what the word really means: a resort having mineral water.  Living Waters Spa has two hot mineral water pools.  Our own hot mineral water well provides 100% of the water in our pools:

  • Therapy Pool: This pool is under an awning, it can seat 20 guests and has therapy jets typical of Jacuzzi spas.  Because this pool is under an awning this pool is perfect for those who need to stay out of the sun and yet still want to soak in pure hot mineral water.  Also, in the event of the rare desert rain, nothing beats sitting in the pool under the awning while the rain is falling all around you! 

  • Main Pool: The main swimming pool is under the wonderful sun kissed-sky and provides a delightful swim & soak all year round.

Both pools can be used 24 hours a day! (quietly 9:00pm - 8:00am)


We are the only clothing optional hotel or spa in Southern California that "flows" pure natural mineral water from its own well virtually all day and night!  We think you'll enjoy the ol' fashion skinny-dipping in our "miracle waters." 

Because of the mineral content you can soak in our water for hours and have minimal "pruning" of the hands or feet typical of other hot tubs or pools.  You will leave the water with your skin feeling soft and natural.

Once you've tried our hot mineral water, you'll be spoiled!

Our mineral water comes from an underground aquifer that is earth pure and charged with minerals including lithium. Here is one guests experience of our waters:

"MORE ON LITHIA WATERS: I've posted before about my struggles with psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis and my continuous hunt for effective/non life threatening AND cost effective remedies. My skin, my joints and my brain function always improve when I soak in minerals waters with an elevated level of natural lithia. Although, there are fewer studies than I would like, they indicate similar findings. But, this last experience was remarkable.....

Sometimes the arthritis attacks my fingers under my nails and this causes swelling resulting in acute pain that feels like a splinter under the nail....yes....OOUCH! When it hit this last time, I tried different things and soaked it in epsom waters and spas and nothing was helping much.... Until I got to Living Waters Clothing-optional Spa in Desert Hot Springs. Within 30 minutes of entering the warm pools, my pain was gone. It did return after 4-5 hours of being out of the water but it was less acute. After 5 days of soaking it was pretty much gone accept for touch tenderness. This wasn't the first time I'd experienced this but it was a more profound and obvious relief.

I can't help but wonder why it hasn't been studied more.... So much of the research I've seen thus far is incredibly promising."

Come and experience our water for yourself!


Desert Hot Springs also has award winning cold water, right out of the tap!  We won a "Gold Medal" for municipal water from the Berkeley Springs International Waters Tasting - Festival of the Waters.  You really have to taste our water to believe it...  We've installed a chilled water fountain so you can get a cool drink of this water anytime.  Many guests fill their water bottles from the fountain before they leave with this award winning "best tap water in the world!"







Wilbur Hot Springs

Two Bunch Palms



Therapy Pool


Main Pool



"Mineral Water Pools"







Here is the mineral content (ppm) of our amazing hot water:

Lithium .240

Sulfate 493.60

Sodium 268.60

Bicarbonate 129.00

Chloride 120.50

Silica 46.4

Calcium 45.10

Floride 5.30

Magnesium 5.10

Iron Oxide - trace

Aluminum Oxide - trace

Barium - trace

Copper - trace

Manganese - trace

Total Dissolved Hardness 110mg/l

Calcium Hardness 144mg/l

ph (units) - 8.3

Specific Conductance (mphos) - 1803